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Image by Efe Kurnaz


The Lemma Foundation supports 'MuseumON'. ‘MuseumON’ is an innovative not-for-profit platform that engages visitors or passersby, free of charge in unexpected locations. It delivers immersive, temporary, or permanent experiences that present carefully curated topics that have a positive social impact.

As a result, ‘MuseumON’ drives positive social value by making arts, culture, and science accessible to all sectors of society. It also enriches locations that seek innovation, community building, and revitalization. To deliver this social value, the ‘MuseumON’ offers an exhaustive curatorial program to focus on three main themes of social relevance:  arts & culture, science and innovation, and the Sustainable Development Goals.

“MuseumON enriches places by delivering immersive, temporary or permanent experiences at unexpected locations.”  

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