The Lemma Foundation is committed to driving positive social change by making arts, culture and science accessible to a wider audience.

We facilitate the presentation of engaging content in unexpected locations that are free of charge and accessible to everyone. To make this possible, we establish partnerships with a variety of organizations.

We believe that everyone should be able to engage with arts, culture and science to [how about: see the world from a new perspective] and act upon that experience in a positive way.

“Driving positive social change by making arts, culture and science accessible to a wider audience”.


The Lemma Foundation supports MuseumON, an innovative not-for-profit platform that engages visitors or passers-by free of charge in unexpected locations.

MuseumON designs and delivers temporary or permanent immersive experiences around carefully curated topics with a positive social impact. It offers a comprehensive curatorial program focusing on the three socially relevant themes of arts & culture, science and innovation, as well as the Sustainable Development Goals.

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The Lemma Foundation is a not-for-profit organization. To carry out our activities, we depend on subsidies, sponsors, and supporters. Thanks to your support, we make arts, culture, and science accessible to each person, by delivering immersive experiences for the general public.

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We are very grateful that you want to contribute to make this world more inclusive! If you would like to fund or sponsor our initiative, please, contact us at, and we can discuss the possibilities with you.